Cycling Information

The location of on-site cycle parking is indicated by red dots. Bike parks are all covered external areas. We have CCTV with a good view of all bike parking. Metal bars secured to the ground allow you to secure your bike.‚Äč The other image shows the Watford Cycle highway.

Public Transport

Bus Stops

There are bus stops located on either side of Rickmansworth Road and Whippendell Road. Both are served by a regular bus route. Both stops are within a 5 minute walk of our main entrance. The bus stop on Rickmansworth Road is listed on bus route planners as Cassiobury Park Avenue. Both the 103 and W30 bus stop here. There are multiple bus stops on Whippendell Road, we have labelled the stop either side of the road nearest to the ground. Whippendell Road bus stop this link will have all of the stops listed. Both the W18 and R2 buses stop here.

Train Stations

West Herts is fortunate to have several train stations within a 20 minute walk of the ground. Watford tube station is at the end of the metropolitan line. Watford Junction is the main train station in Watford with multiple lines running through the station. We are also not far from Watford High Street station but would generally recommend using Watford Junction.