West Herts Site improvement news

Phase one of works is now complete. The MUGA is operational as is the car park. All that is outstanding is the installation of 1,000 beech hedge whips and 6 trees. This will be carried out before the end of 2020. In 2021 we will bring you updates on the clubhouse improvements as and when they happen.

Phase 1 of the Club’s Development works will commence on 26 May 2020. Scroll down to follow our progress


The construction works on all projects are scheduled to be completed by the end of
September 2020 with hedge and tree plantings planned for October this year.
Phase 1 Projects are:

1) Installation of a Floodlit Multi Use Game Area (MUGA).
2) New cricket practice nets
3) Installation of a Hybrid cricket pitch.
4) Automatic sprinkler system for the grass tennis courts and cricket square.
5) Additional safety netting.
6) Construction of a durable surface for the Overflow Car Park
7) New Groundsman’s shed.
8) New boundary fence adjacent to Cassio Road.
9) New boundary fence adjacent to Overflow Car Park and MUGA.
10) Pathway from Patio to Overflow Car Park

The total cost of this first phase of our development projects will be around

The Committee
19 May 2020

week 10: Let there be light!

Week 10 the floodlight as gate locking system have been installed. The roof net is now across the MUGA. The Cassio road fence has now been replaced with a new metal fence. The grounds area has been tarmacked and the new fence installed, this part of the project is now complete.


week 9: MUGA completion

Week 9 the focus has now switched to the new grasscrete carpark. The concrete has been poured into the moulds, this will set and then the gaps will be top-dressed and seeded. The old groundsman's shed has now been demolished and the preparation for the area to be tarmacked next week have been carried out. The sand and then rubber crumb have been brushed into the MUGA and the surface is now finished.


week 8: The green green (astro) grass!

Week 8 was another week of good progress and we are now firmly on the home stretch. The MUGA perimeter fence is now finished, and the carpet has now been laid. The plastic moulds for the grasscrete carpark have been put in. The high netting posts have been erected along the edge of the new carpark. The internal rooms in the grounds area have been constructed.

week 7: Shed loads of progress

Week 7 really saw the build kick into a high gear with the new groundsman's shed constructed in just one week. The MUGA continues to near completion with the tarmac layer now laid and the rebound boards and fencing mostly complete. The cricket nets are also now complete with just landscaping required to finish off that part of the build. The car park has also moved on with the tarmac road now laid.


Week 6: Upwardly mobile

Week 6 has seen work start to gather pace once again with the start of the construction of the metal fence that surrounds the MUGA, Installation of the cricket nets is underway as is the installation of the drainage channel and the irrigation system. We are now over half way through the build and the work schedule is running on time.

Week 5: Coming along 

Week 5 saw very little change visually on the first phase but rest assured work was ongoing the flood light cable has been laid the drainage completed and the base for the carpark is now ready to be laid. In the groundsman's area the concrete slab has been laid and the ground works mostly completed. We await the delivery of the steel frame which is due to arrive on the 6th of July. 

Week 4: Subtle progress

Week four saw a slower pace than we have been used to thus far on the football pitch and car park  construction. All of the base layer material is now on site and the curbs have been installed, as a result you can now see a much clearer plan of the layout. The groundsman's shed area continues at a good pace. The ground work is now mostly complete and we are ready for the pouring of the concrete slab next week. The water tank and pump have arrived on site ready for the irrigation work to commence Monday week. 

Week 3: Out with the old in with the new

Week three saw another exciting week of changes. Most of the week there has been lorry loads of aggregate arriving at Park Avenue. The MUGA continues to progress with the drainage mostly installed the edging cemented in and the base layer now laid. The later pictures below you can see it starting to take its shape. Another exciting project began this week, the construction of the new groundsman's area. Images of this work will now be added each week as well. This week saw the site cleared and prepped for the foundations to be installed in the coming week. 


Week 2: Onwards and upwards

Week two saw some big changes at Park Avenue as our build starts to gather pace. This week has seen us remove the old set of cricket nets that have served the club well for many years. We also saw the removal of the large storage shed, known by most as ‘Jim’s shed’. The biggest change however has been the shaping of the grass verge or ‘Bund’ along the Rickmansworth Road side of the ground. Bulldozers have stripped the turf and debris and levelled the area ready for the next stage of the build. The temporary road has been installed and the boundaries for the MUGA have been pegged out.

Week 1: And We're off!

Work started ahead of schedule on the planned first phase of work at Park Avenue this week. We have already completed the installation of the hybrid cricket wicket thanks to SIS pitches. We have cleared the site of the shrubs ready for the start of ground works next week. The hedge in front of the GYM has been removed to make room for our new pathway coming from the second car park, and all of the Harris fencing and site offices have arrived.

Landscaping and levelling


View from the middle


Patio View


View from the Gym


Groundsman's area



Hybrid wicket installation